Friday, August 29, 2014

Week of 8-25-2014 thru 8-29-2014

This week the children learned what God made on day 6 which was Adam and Eve. They colored a picture of Adam and Eve. They also learned the letter B this week so they glued black beans on to yellow paper and formed the beans into the letter B. The children also learned the number 2 this week. They traced the number 2 and try to write it and color a picture of two items. The boys drew their faces on a boy happy birthday picture. The girls drew their faces on a girl happy birthday picture. They also traced letter B and try to write it. They also stamped lemons on to white paper using yellow paint. They also traced letter B into their compositions books and try  to write it. Today we played a game where everyone sits in a circle. In the middle of the carpet there is a string circle. Everyone gets two marbles and try's to roll one marble into the circle string. Then they wait till everyone had a turn then they roll the other marble into the string circle. I think we are going to play this game every Friday.

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