Friday, August 22, 2014

Week of 8-18-2014 thru 8-22-2014

This week the children learned what God made on day six. They colored a picture of animals  because that's what God made. They also learned what God made on day 5 which was fish and birds. The children colored the bottom of a white piece of paper blue to make it look like the ocean then they glued orange fish and stamped birds and butterflies on top of the paper. The children also learned the number one. They traced the number one and try to write it. They also colored a picture of one item. The children used a white piece of paper and painted it red then they drew apples on to the piece of paper when the paint was dry then they cut the apples out. They also have their own composition books where they trace the letters of the alphabet and try to write them. They also colored pictures of things that start with that particular letter. This week it was the letter A.

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