Thursday, July 31, 2014

Work Week Before the New School Year Starts

Monday 7-28-2014

This  is the week we all come to work to get the classrooms ready for the new school year. Today we took down the bulletin boards and the paper that was on them and the boarders.

We also empty  out all of the toys from the centers and put them away in the closet and wiped down the shelves.

We had a staff meeting this morning and talked about what is going to happen for the new school year. Like which children are moving into the 4 year old class. We also talked about what to do on a daily basis like lessons plans what the aides are suppose to do. It was a good meeting.

We also took everything out of the cabinets and wiped down the shelves and reorganized  the cabinets. We also relabeled the containers.

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