Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last Day of School


 It has been a long school year today was the last day of school. We had water  play today the children seemed to have a good time.  The parents brought a potluck lunch with lots of food.
This morning I played a game with two children called scrub. One child would pretend to wash the alphabet letter block with soap and the other child would pretend to dry and I was suppose to pretend to rise it with water it was fun. Then we would change roles.

This afternoon I played catch with a little boy and roll the ball with a little girl. The little  boy brought me a rubber ball that had hello kitty pictures on it. The little girl brought me a light green basketball and we sat on the ground and rolled it to each other.

It was also  the last day  of 5 children who is leaving to go to kindergarten. It was hard to say good bye to them.

Two children gave me a present. One child gave me a plant in a mason jar and the other child gave me a bag that you put together. I thought that was very sweet of them.

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