Friday, November 21, 2014

Week of 11-17-2014 thru 11-21-2014

This week has been a crazy week because Thanksgiving is next week. The Sunshine class and the Rainbow class glued colorful squares into the letter M cause that was the letter of the week on yellow paper. The Rainbow class  also made  turkey hand prints on brown paper. Both classes colored paper plates using different colors for the turkey feathers. On Thursday  both classes  glued on the turkeys on to their paper plates. The Rainbow class colored a picture of the bible story Jesus feeds the 5,000 people.  Today both classes made an Indian  out of hand prints using brown, red, yellow, green, and  orange paint.

P.S. Been working short handed but that will change next week. The school hired a  part-time helper. Yahoo! Also I apologize for not blogging last week because I had a bad cold.

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